Small Volume CH Type Powder Mixer Powder Blender CH10-CH50


This machine is mainly used in pharma industry for mixing dry or wet powdered materials.

The Mini V Type Powder Mixer Machine V-1 has a number of features which make it the best choice for use in any laboratory:

  • It is compact in size
  • It is lightweight and easy to operate.
  • The cylindrical structure is the distinguishing feature and the mixing ability is well-proportioned and efficient with no blind spots in the cylinders and no accumulation of materials.
  • Made from shiny stainless steel, the mixer is equipped with programming control functions which set the timings for forward and reverse rotation and for regulating the rotation speed.
  • It has a safety system which stops the mixer rotating when the safety cover is opened.

This machine is suitable for use in the pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries for mixing powder or granular materials.